Robert Kaiser

Our Approach

Price Institute of Organic Medicine has been the dream of mine for some time. Recently the state of Utah has revised their laws concerning organic medical materials. This change opened the door for us to find a way to full fill this dream. We are approaching this as a complete start up business.

As it unfolds, it will develop a certification method for determining if a product is safe for human consumption and has the ingredients correct, then the small growers of organic medical items can manufacture and package their products right at the Institute.

Our Story

This is the beginning of a new start up company, and those that are interested in helping to develop and grow this concept will see their investment grow.

We have chosen to use the EB PL 5 green card program to bring this program to fruition. Investors in the project can bring their own materials to our facility. There are many people throughout the world working on plants and other materials in their own homes or small business. This project will give them a place they can come to have their products certified, manufactured and shipped in a USA setting.


  • Robert G. Kaiser – Founder and Owner
  • Jan Jenkins – Founder and Investor
  • Marlene Z. Kaiser – Media Development and Investor
  • Linda S. Payne – Business Operations Management and investor
  • Richard F. Payne – Construction Operations Management and investor

Raising Capital –

EB 5 ViSA Investment Program
This program was designed to encourage foreign investors to invest money in areas that are depressed and need economic growth. In exchange for becoming an investor in a certified project, they can apply for the Visa EB 5 program (see link for full description) and if their investment meets the criteria then they will be issued the Visa by the government program itself. The investment project must also meet the criteria of the Visa program by being certified that they are opening new opportunities in a depressed area and will have at least 10 full time positions per visa for 2 years. The capital is “at risk” capital and is not guaranteed to bring a return, but visas will be received whether they receive a return or not on their investment. The more likely the project will bring a return on their investment the better and the more likely they will invest. Price Institute of Organic Medicine plans to be one of those type of investments and has been designed to fit this program. Carbon County qualifies for the required investment of only $500,000 per Visa. They are offering 1,000 Visas on this program. In return, an Investor will receive 100,000 “at risk capital” shares valued at $5 each.

Principals – Investors

Investors that see a need for the Price Institute of Organic Medicine Project and have expertise to make sure it develops to its full capabilities and more. They invest their experience, time and money and will receive a greater involvement in the success of the company and return on their investment. We are looking for good people who can invest their time and skills, with business, Education, Media, and Organic Medicine interests and skills to help us develop this EB 5 project. 

Stock Investors –

Purchasers of stock either local stocks or EB 5 stocks hoping to gain a return in the future.

Next Steps…

We are actively looking for individuals, groups, or growers that would like to “get in on the ground floor” of this very ambitious project.

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