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Individuals  sign up for one, two, or all three studies for $10 each and will receive credit off their first order. Price Institute will start with topical products from many different organic materials     Study #1 Topical Organics

Study #2 Edible Organics

Study #3 Inhaled Organics

Retailing professionals can sign up personally by paying the $10 fee’s and as a business by purchasing 1 or more of the starter kits.
Professionals who want an active part in the study pay a $50 registration fee.
Inventor or developers that have a product they want to develop pay a $50 registration fee.
Pay $5 per share for stock (10 share minimum) and anybody that purchases more than $500,000 (EB5 Page) can then file the I526 form to needed to emigrate to the US with a green card and eventual Citizenship.

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