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The study is the first project of the  Price Institute of Organic Medicine due to Utah’s HB130 providing the impetus for a study

Price Institute of Organic Medicine’s goal is to produce Organic Medicine that are available and affordable. All products are verified as clean medical grade to comply with HB130 and other organics.

Once the HB 130 bill is satisfied, Price Institute’s focus will expand to include producing bulk medical grade products for other producers of many organic materials suitable for use in medicines, and cosmetics. The packaging and shipping division will begin to accept other unconventional organics as soon as the facility is completed.

NOW IS THE TIME TO JOIN THIS STUDY! Professionals needed in all areas of study, and subjects with ailments that are difficult to manage are encouraged to join.

Price Institute of Organic Medicine

HB  130 Study Project.

In order to follow Utah laws Price Institute must enroll members into an in-depth study on the effects of Marijuana use whether applied topically, ingested or inhaled. JOIN US in the beginning stages to reap the benefits of a 10 year project.

Those joining now will receive their products first as soon as the state allows us to ship. Price Institute will study and verify the findings.

Price Institute will develop and manufacture products working with our members to offer the base products in bulk to be produced, packaged and shipped. Price Institute will focus on the Marijuana, and Hemp products first. BECOME INVOLVED!


Why Price, Utah In Carbon County

Price, Utah  in rural carbon county meets all of the qualifications to be eligible for EB-5 projects and is a perfect place for our project because it’s rural nature makes it qualify for the $500,000 American green card visa and makes it possible for the Price Institute to allow investors to receive their EB 5 green cards much faster.

Price, Carbon County seat, offers exceptional small town living. The Chamber of Commerce and other organizations keep the inhabitants involved. There is an art center, museum, a library, many excellent restaurants and lodging services plus a division of the University of Utah. Price is an up and coming community with many resources, an inexpensive housing market and much, much more.

Carbon County’s nine mile canyon, includes the towns of Price, Helper, East Carbon, and Wellington. This canyon is  often called the world’s longest art because of all its Fremont rock art. This rock art was carved into the canyon by Native American’s called Fremont people well over a century ago.  The county sits in the high alpine mountains of the Wasatch plateau and slopes down eastward into the desert country which has sagebrush, pinyon and juniper. Price river gets its start on the plateau and cuts through Castle Valley.

Any one that loves to explore and enjoys the outdoors will find the Book Cliffs, which stretch 200 miles from Utah into Colorado a great hiking area. The Green river which cuts through the beautiful, Grand-Canyon-like Desolation Canyon is at the west end of the county. This is one of the most scenic areas in Utah because of the unique and colorful rock formations.

Why Utah!




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